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WA’s new Digital Security Policy

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The West Australian government has announced a new Whole of Government Digital Security Policy.

Launched by Minister for Innovation on 25 May 2016, the Digital Security Policy will provide direction for the adoption and maintenance of security protection controls in digital information and digital information systems.

The Policy aims to support:

  • Confidentiality – access to, and disclosure of, information including government, personal and/or proprietary information subject to appropriate authorisation
  • Integrity – data is protected against unauthorised alteration or destruction and any challenges to government information authenticity are prevented, giving citizens confidence in the way WA Government protects and handles digital information, and
  • Availability – authorised users are provided with timely and reliable access to data and services.

The Policy stipulates that in establishing a strategy for addressing digital security, an agency or organisation must consider the aspects of governance, people, process and technology using principles recommended by Australian and international standards for digital security management. 

View the West Australian Digital Security Policy.

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