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WA launches ICT Strategy: DigitalWA

The West Australian government has launched its first whole-of-government ICT Strategy, DigitalWA.

Launched by Innovation Minister Bill Marmion, the ICT Strategy outlines the vision and roadmap for government ICT in Western Australia.

The Western Australian Government ICT Strategy will help transform the way public services are designed, supported and delivered for a community living and working in a digital world, states the document.

By working together as part of one government, public sector agencies will work towards aligning their technology and business functions to improve service delivery to the community, states the document.

DigitalWA outlines three key ICT Strategic Goals:

  • Simplify how agencies use technology to support and deliver services through common platforms, systems and standards as part of a unified government;
  • Connect public sector agencies more closely with the community and each other through digital service delivery and system integration;
  • Inform decision-makers, frontline staff, the community and the private sector through easier access to quality, reliable data and analysis.

The strategy outlines that by following the initiatives, principles and policies contained in the Strategy, agencies will be able to manage and reduce ICT expenditure, through cost reduction, cost avoidance and cost prevention.

It is intended that the strategy will result in a net saving to government over the full four year period, with a targeted reduction in annual ICT costs of 10% when compared to the baseline year of 2016-17, states the document.  The strategy does however recognise that in many cases there will be an initial upfront cost to implement or migrate to any new ICT service, even if using that new service will result in long, medium or even short term savings.

To monitor progress in improving ICT maturity across the sector, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer will report to Cabinet every six months on how compliance with the Strategy is being achieved by the sector as a whole. This report will include whole of government performance against the KPIs as well as metrics to track agency progress in delivering Roadmap Initiatives, according to the strategy document.

The Western Australian Government ICT Strategy 2016 – 2020 was developed by the Office of the GCIO in consultation with the WA public sector and ICT industry.

View the WA Government ICT Strategy 2016-2020.