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What Internet of Things means for the Public Sector

Public Sector impact of the Internet of Things


Internet of Everything is poised to generate $4.6 trillion in Value at Stake for the global public sector over the next 10 years (2013-2022), is the finding of a new report.

To help public-sector organizations better understand the IoE opportunity, Cisco recently concluded a comprehensive economic analysis based on 40 agency specific and cross-industry use cases.

The Top 10 Insights: Internet of Everything report suggests that the Internet of Everything (IOE) is capable of helping organizations achieve many public-policy goals, including increased economic growth and improvements in environmental sustainability, public safety and security, delivery of government services, and productivity.

“The $4.6 trillion in IoE Value at Stake for the public sector is equivalent to about one-third of the expected civilian labor productivity growth over the next 10 years,” states the report.

The report details a number of ways in which the Internet of Everything is delivering value for the public sector:

  •  7 percent crime reduction based on smart lighting (U.K.)
  • 15 percent travel savings due to immersive video (high-definition video collaboration, U.S.)
  • 30 percent reduction in waste-collection costs driven by usage of sensors (U.S.)
  • $950 savings per court appearance through use of video technology (U.S.)

Read the Report Top 10 Insights: Internet of Everything.

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