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West Australia’s draft CCTV Strategy

Enhancing community safety and security through integrated CCTV technology


The West Australian government has unveiled its draft State CCTV strategy, aimed enhancing community safety and security.

Police Minister Liza Harvey said the strategy outlined how the State Government, local government and the private sector could join together to achieve this through effective use of integrated CCTV technology.

“CCTV is now widespread in our communities as a crime prevention and detection mechanism used by the public, businesses and government, yet there’s considerable scope for it to be more effective for all, without impinging upon privacy,” Mrs Harvey said.

The strategy provides a framework by which CCTV owners of any public facing camera can agree to share their data with other third parties.

“The strategy recognises the “numerous CCTV systems across West Australia, many of which have cameras facing public areas that have the potential to contribute to improving community safety and security, and public amenity outcomes,” the report says. “The strategy provides the mechanism by which CCTV owners can volunteer the data from any public facing camera that they manage to one or more agreed clients.”

In addition, the strategy recognises that everyone with a smart phone or tablet now has a ‘CCTV camera’.  The strategy outlines plans to test a new Mobile Video Sharing system which will enable anyone to volunteer video from their mobile phone or device, “providing a new way for us all to contribute to WA’s safety and security”, the report says.

The four elements of the strategy are:

  • refreshing the existing State CCTV Register (currently called Blue Iris) to provide better functionality and operability for those CCTV owners who want to voluntarily provide information about CCTV cameras facing public areas
  • providing criteria and guidelines and improving information available for public and private owners of CCTV systems to ensure systems are fit-for-purpose
  • providing direct connection between owners of CCTV cameras facing public spaces to enable WA Police to increase responsiveness to critical incidents
  • using mobile footage and testing a mobile phone video-sharing solution so that WA is not limited to traditional CCTV infrastructure as smart phones and tablets act as CCTV cameras.

The strategy is open for public comment until 26 June 2015.

Read the draft West Australian State CCTV Strategy.