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Wellington New Zealand Digital Strategy

Creating a city known for its digital accessibility

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The City of Wellington, New Zealand launched its Digital Strategy and Action Plan in September 2011.

The Strategy envisages Wellington as a city that “people from New Zealand and overseas are constantly and actively seeking to live in, where our talented young people leave school and know they can become world leaders in digital technology businesses here in their own city”.

“We will have a city that is noted for its digital accessibility, where people of all ages and skill levels can access and contribute to the digital economy of the city”, states the plan.

The Digital Strategy has three key objectives:

  1. Make Wellington the place where talent wants to live.
  2. Inspire knowledge, ideas and creativity.
  3. Make Wellington a world leading place for digital activity.

Digital initiatives include:

  • Encouraging digital technology companies to test in Wellington
  • Develop enabling digital infrastructure
  • Make Wellington a leader in freely providing civic data for use and manipulation
  • Make access to technology available to all – privately or through community groups.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said the strategy would position Wellington well as a smart, green city.

“Our digital strategy allows the Capital to focus on investment that plays to our strengths”.  “We are a city full of talented, knowledgeable people, so we can overcome size and distance issues by being very clear about what we are good at and how we differentiate ourselves from other cities around the world”, Mayor Wade-Brown said.

“To achieve success we must punch above our weight – in the same way we continue to do in the film industry and arts and culture sectors.”

The strategy falls under Wellington 2040, the City of Wellington’s long term strategic plan for the future of Wellington.

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