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Victorian Government adopts Creative Commons 4.0

Whole-of-Government Intellectual Property Guidelines released

The Victorian Government has launched new Intellectual Property Guidelines, adopting Creative Commons 4.0 as the default license for government data.

“Implementation of CC version 4.0 on and on other Government copyright material will ensure that the public can freely re-use the material, without seeking prior permission” Data Vic announced on it’s blog. “This will allow simple uses such as printing and distribution in a class room, as well as more complex uses such as remixing or developing commercial software apps”.

Previously Victorian Government data was licenced under Creative Commons 3.0 Australia. Existing datasets licenced under Creative Commons 3.0 will progressively be switched to the latest version, with most new datasets to be published under Creative Commons 4.0, according to Data Vic.

The Intellectual Property Policy Guidelines provide information on the Victorian Public Sector’s management of intellectual property, and support the Victorian Governments Intellectual Property Policy, which was released in August 2012. The guidelines will provide information on the Victorian Public Sector’s management of intellectual property, including copyright, licencing, managing and protecting intellectual property.

The guidelines apply to all Victorian public sector agencies, with the exception of local governments.

The Intellectual Property Guidelines encourage agencies to:

  • proactively release copyright material;
  • grant rights to IP with the fewest possible restrictions;
  • not seek ownership of IP in procurement and funding agreements;
  • not commercialise IP; and
  • use third party IP appropriately.

Read the Victorian Government Intellectual Property Policy Guidelines.

Read the Victorian Government Intellectual Property Policy.

More information is available on the Department of Treasury and Finance Website.