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Vancouver – Digital Strategy

Digital technology is changing the way the City of Vancouver delivers services and the way citizens and businesses engage with the City and each other.

Launched in 2013, Vancouver’s Digital Strategy is a 4 year roadmap outlining immediate and future areas of opportunity to enhance digital engagement and access, improve infrastructure and support the digital economy to the benefit of people who live, work and play in Vancouver.

In planning its Digital Strategy, the City involved industry insiders, digital thought leaders, start-up founders, students, business executives, citizens and staff and asked them to test, explore, and challenge the ideas behind the Digital Strategy.

The Digital Strategy identifies 9 priority areas:

  • Enable City services across digital platforms
  • Enhance the open data program
  • Promote digital activity through communications and engagement tools
  • 4 Expand digital access throughout the city
  • Establish an incubation program for digital companies
  • Create a favourable regulatory environment that supports digital industry
  • With partners, support an agile proof of concept program
  • Establish digital services governance
  • Implement mobile workforce strategy

Quick Facts About City of Vancouver

  • In 2013 appointed its first Chief Digital Officer.
  • Aims to be the greenest city in the world – see its ambitious Greenest City 2020 Action Plan
  • Is the eighth most populous city in Canada with a population of 603,502 people.
  • Is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in Canada
  • Is surrounded on three sides by water
  • Has five sister-city relationships with Odessa, Yokohama, Edinburgh, Guangzhou, and Los Angeles
  • Council is made up of the Mayor & 10 councillors, who are elected at large for a 3-year term.