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Valencia’s Smart City Strategy

A vision for smart sustainable and inclusive growth


The Smart Valencia 2020 Strategy is based on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Valenica is Spain’s third largest metropolitan area, and is a port city located on the east coast of Spain. Valencia has a population of 800,000 people.

The Smart Valencia Strategy describes the desirable features of a smart city as having a “smart strategy, relational governance, leadership, professional organization, smart urban services, and the technology for an intelligent strategy”.

The strategy describes Valencia as the “first Spanish city to have an integral management platform for smart city based on the paradigm of cloud services”. The platform collates key city indicators, including city management and urban services, and enables benchmarking with other similar cities.

Through the platform, the majority of transactions (95%) are handled electronically, with over 7 million documents already electronically uploaded to it. The platform supports open government, providing transparency to citizens and efficiency of municipal operations.  The platform is compatible with other administrations, and features an electronic public notice board, and electronic registers.

The Valenica city app provides realtime information on buses, bikes, monuments, parking, and rubbish bins, access to online services, customised alerts, and interactive city maps.

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