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UK’s CCTV Self-Assessment Tool


Operating CCTV? The UK has launched a CCTV Compliance Self-Assessment Tool to assist organisations determine if they comply with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.

Released by the UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter, the self-assessment is an easy to use tool, that provides a series of open and closed questions relating to appropriate use of CCTV and other surveillance equipment.

Commissioner Porter announced “today is a landmark moment in my tenure as Surveillance Camera Commissioner. The self assessment tool is easy to use and will really help organisations who use CCTV see where they are meeting the 12 guiding principles or where they may need to do a little more”.

The tool was developed in close collaboration with the Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board, the National Security Inspectorate and industry specialists. The tool has also been tested thoroughly with CCTV camera operators and managers.

The Surveillance Camera Code of Practice was released in June 2012, and outlines twelve guiding principles governing the use of CCTV and other surveillance camera equipment.

The Commissioner recommends that the self-assessment tool is used in conjunction with the Surveillance camera code of practice.

Access the CCTV Compliance Self-Assessment Tool.

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