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UK launches GOV.UK Verify

New platform to verify individuals accessing public services online

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The UK Government has launched Gov.UK Verify, a new identity verification platform that enable users to securely access government services on-line.

Gov.Uk Verify enables government departments to verify a persons identity online, using certified companies to check an individuals identify.

Using the platform, an individual’s  identity is checked by a certified company each time they want to access a service. Initial verification takes about 15 minutes, and takes less than a minute each time an individual subsequently access a government service on-line, according to the Government Digital Service.

Use of a third-party to verify identity restricts what information is held by government or a certified company, according to “This strictly limits the information any certified company or government has about you: no-one has more information than the minimum to perform their function, and there is no central storage of information”, states the Gov.UK Verify website.

Gov.UK Verify is in currently available in “public beta” mode, and can be used with the following government services:

In 2015, over 11,000 people filed their tax returns with Verify, according to Gov.UK.

GOV.UK Verify is an initiative of the Government Digital Service, in conjunction government departments, the private sector and the UK Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group.

Learn more about Gov.UK Verify.