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UK Defence Information Strategy 2016

Information Strategy

The UK Ministry for Defence has released its Information Strategy 2016, recognising the role of information in underpinning all activities in defence.

The Information strategy describes information as a force multiplier, recognising that appropriate sharing of timely, accurate and trusted information across defence, partners across government, allies and with industry is critical to the effectiveness of the department of state, and for the warfighter to achieve information superiority.

The strategy outlines plans to develop a secure, reliable, and agile enterprise-wide information environment aimed at improving mission effectiveness, enhancing cyber security, and reducing information capability complexity and costs. The single information environment would apply to all UK forces and mission partners across the full spectrum of operations, according to the strategy.

“If we do not develop our information capabilities we will be outmanoeuvred by those who have already placed information at the heart of their operations”, states the strategy.

“An enterprise approach will enable the warfighter to focus on information and mission objectives and less on being the capability integrator” the document states.

This strategy will be implemented through three strategic thrusts: defence as a platform; rapid procurement; and putting customers at the heart of everything we do.

The Information Strategy aims to address three key challenges:

  1. to describe how defence can exploit and protect information as a strategic asset
  2. to outline the ICT response to departmental and operational needs
  3. to provide a guiding view of how defence can meet the challenges and opportunities provided by digital technologies

The Information Strategy consolidates the Ministry’s “Information Strategy 2011’ , ‘Defence ICT strategy 2013’  and ‘Digital in defence strategy 2012 into one simplified document.

View the UK Defence Information Strategy.