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Sunshine Coast’s CCTV Strategy


The Sunshine Coast Council in Queensland has launched its CCTV Strategic Policy.

“This policy provides direction on the establishment and management of the Sunshine Coast Council’s Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system in public spaces, and provides a framework for ensuring future requests for CCTV are managed and assessed equitably and in accordance with relevant legislation” states the policy.

The Policy includes a CCTV Assessment Framework, to ensure a unified, equitable, transparent and evidence-based assessment of future CCTV requests.

The Policy outlines a number of guiding principles:

  • Protection of council’s resources (assets and people)
  • A multi-faceted approach to crime prevention and community safety whereby CCTV is part of a suite of options
  • A unified, equitable, transparent and evidence based assessment of future CCTV requests
  • A high standard of system management including maintenance and handling of footage
  • CCTV equipment specifications are suitable to achieve the lawful purpose of the system
  • Strong internal and external consultation and partnerships with key stakeholders to ensure a holistic approach to CCTV across the Sunshine Coast
  • Compliance with the Local Government Act 2009, Information Privacy Act 2009 and any other relevant law.

Read the CCTV Policy.