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South Australia’s Digital Landscape

Glenelg Beach By Fairv8 via Wikimedia Commons

South Australia’s Digital Landscape Report finds that government is being disrupted and challenged by digital technologies, but that most agencies view it as an opportunity rather than a threat.

“Government cannot transform just by putting more forms online or by enabling more online payments” the report states. “Digital transformation is about how government can use digital technologies better in order to design better services for their citizens”.

South Australian Digital Landscape Report was released by the Office for Digital Government to help agencies deliver on South Australia’s Digital by Default Declaration, and aims to ”provide government with a greater understanding of the State’s capacity and capability to move towards the provision of digital government services”.

Key findings of the report include:

  • Government is being disrupted and challenged by digital technologies, but most agencies view it as an opportunity, rather than a threat.
  • Trust and confidence are important to customers. Issues are less about the technology, and more about peoples’ past negative experiences and perceptions of government’s ability to deliver quality digital services while protecting their information.
  • For agencies, the main drivers for digital transformation are responding to the increasing demands of customers and relieving budget pressures.
  • Digital transformation is different to traditional ICT development, and there are new opportunities for the ICT industry to develop and market the skills, products, and services that government needs.
  • The skills to work with greater agility and to understand/develop better customer experiences were seen to be lacking by government over technological savviness.

The report was developed by Deloitte in conjunction with the Office of Digital Government.

Read the South Australian Digital Landscape Report.