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South Australia’s Digital Initiatives

Two years after announcing its Digital by Default Declaration, South Australian government agencies are making significant progress towards achieving their digital initiatives.

The South Australian government today released an update on 66 Digital Initiatives currently being undertaken.

From late 2016, all all parole board documents will be made securely and digitally available to Parole Board members on tablet devices, allowing review and digital annotation by parole board members.  The Parole Board Digitisation project will see hundreds of hard copy printouts being replaced by digital documents.

As of December 2016, Change of Vehicle Ownership Transactions can now be done online using EzyReg. Heavy vehicle  owners can also able to make inspection bookings, pay audit fees online, and view inspection outcomes (whether the vehicles passed or failed) online.

The Department for Correctional Services is developing an online prison visit booking system that will allow members of the public to book a visit with an offender in custody. Scheduled for release in 2nd quarter 2017, the service will initially be available to professional visitors before becoming publicly available.

Digital initiatives planned for 2017 include:

  • Fishers will be able to submit catch reports via phone, internet or app as well as view personal & licence details and preferences.
  • Online collection of Apiary information via myPIRSA, reducing the need for paper based forms and manual data entry
  • An online biosecurity web interface will allow producers to determine their Biosecurity Star Rating and Disease Risk Status for prospective buyers to assess risk, prior to purchase

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