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Scotland’s CCTV Strategy


Scotlands CCTV strategy aims to facilitate a more strategic approach to CCTV development and management, in order to deliver safer communities more efficiently.

“By providing general principles that can be followed by everyone, CCTV throughout Scotland will become more structured, more efficient and more able to meet the needs of our communities” states the strategy.

The strategy recognises that the extent of CCTV usage varies across Scotland,  both in the number of CCTV camera’s in use by local authorities as well as the usage, for example from protecting public assets to providing public reassurance.

The strategy details the set of guiding principles for the operators of Public Space CCTV across Scotland, including:

  • Use and maintenance of CCTV systems
  • CCTV coverage and signage
  • Data recording policies
  • Data retention
  • Release of third-party data
  • Privacy and security vetting

The Strategy also sets a number short, medium and long term recommendations, and provides a map of the number of CCTV cameras owned by public authorities across Scotland (2011).

Read Scotland’s CCTV Strategy.