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Scotland’s CCTV Data Protection Code

New Data Protection Code of Practice for Surveillance Cameras and Personal Information


Scotland has released a new Data Protection Code of Practice for Surveillance Cameras and Personal Information.

Released by the Scottish Information Commissioner, the Data Protection Code explains the legal requirements operators of surveillance cameras are required to meet under the Protection of Freedoms Act (2013).

The Data Protection Code provides practical advice for operators of surveillance camera devices devices that view or record individuals, and other information that relates to individuals, including:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Body worn video
  • Umanned aerial systems, and
  • Other systems that capture information of identifiable individuals or information relating to individuals

Release of the Data Protection Code follows the strengthening of regulations governing the use of CCTV and other surveillance cameras within the UK to protect against the unwarranted use of CCTV and other forms of surveillance cameras..

In 2012, the UK Protection of Freedoms Act was passed, followed by the released of the Surveillance Camera Code in June 2013. A Surveillance Camera Commissioner has been appointed to oversee the Surveillance Camera Code and review its operation and impact.

Scotland has it’s own Information Commissioner, who regulates the Freedom for Information (Scotland) Act which covers Scottish public authorities.

Ken Macdonald is the Assistant Commissioner for Scotland and Northern Ireland, and heads the Scotland and Northern Ireland Office of the Information Commissioner.

Read the Data Protection Code.