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Queensland’s Open Data Revolution


In 2012, the Queensland government announced its Open Data Revolution, becoming the first Australian state to have a whole of government Open Data Policy.

Announced by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, the Open Data Revolution aims to “release as much public data created and stored by the Queensland Government as possible and available free to anyone who wishes to use the data”.

“In the past, Governments gave away land to stimulate economic development. Now information is the new currency”, Premier Newman said. “Open access to information held by the State Government will help stimulate the development of new, innovative applications by all sorts of private individuals, companies and non-government organisations.”

Under the initiative, each Queensland government department is required to have an Open Data Strategy that details what datasets each agency owns and the schedule for release of datasets, and a description of how data is released.

All publicly released data is made available on the Queensland Data Portal.

Review Queensland Government Open Data Strategies.

Access the Queensland Data Portal.