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A Vision for Sydney at Night

Transforming the Night Time Economy

In 2011, the City of Sydney set out to rethink the type of city Sydney should be at night.

After broad consultation,  the City launched the OPEN Sydney plan, which  defines the vision, strategy and action plan for developing Sydney’s Night Time Economy over the next 20 years.

It identifies actions for making Sydney’s night-time economy better connected, more diverse, inviting and responsive to change, whilst recognising the importance that new night-time experiences are better balanced with daytime activities, and are far more inclusive of the broader population.

By 2030, the City hopes that 40% of people using the City at night will be aged over 40 and that 40% of businesses operating at night.  Plans include Australians first 24-hour library with Wi-Fi facilities and 1 night every year where galleries and museums remain open late, hoping to attract.

The City is expecting the transformation to result in double night-time economy turnover to $30 billion and increase night-time employment by 25% to 100,000 jobs.

OPEN Sydney has five night-time goals:

  1.  A Global Sydney where Sydney is an internationally recognised night-time city, based on our design, diversity, safety, innovation, creativity, strong economic growth and leadership; where we govern our city well through coordinated action.
  2. A Connected Sydney where businesses connect to events, to each other and to residents, workers and visitors; with hubs that activate different city precincts; where transport links to outer suburbs; where digital access is fast and free.
  3. A Diverse Sydney with later opening hours, and where more no-alcohol activities attract families and older people; where new venues and activities emerge in underused spaces, and where traditional spaces by day take on new uses at night.
  4. An Inviting and Safe Sydney with beautiful design, including lighting, where spaces for pedestrians encourage strolling and exploring; where streets are safe and free of violence, and where there is respect between visitors and residents.
  5. A Responsive Sydney where innovation is encouraged by reducing red tape, and where proactive, problem solving teamwork with government and industry is the norm, and local solutions reflect local character.

At the time of writing, Melbourne and City of Yarra have also launched Night Time Economy plans, whilst Canberra, Adelaide and Parramatta are currently in the research stages.

More information about the Open Sydney plan is available from the City of Sydney website.