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New Zealand’s Open Data Declaration

New Zealand

In August 2011, the New Zealand government announced a Declaration on Open and Transparent Government requiring all government departments to release their high value public data for re-use.

The Declaration requires that data and information government holds on behalf of the public must be open, trusted and authoritative, well managed, readily available, without charge where possible, and reusable, both legally and technically. Personal and classified data and information must also be protected under the Declaration.

The Declaration states “The government holds data on behalf of the New Zealand public. We release it to enable the private and community sectors to use it to grow the economy, strengthen our social and cultural fabric, and sustain our environment. We release it to encourage business and community involvement in government decision-making”.

All New Zealand public data is released subject to the New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing (NZGOAL), which provides guidelines for agencies when releasing copyright works and non-copyright material for re-use.

New Zealand has long committed to open data, launching its Open Government Information and Data Programme in 2008.   All publicly released data is available on the New Zealand Government Data Portal.

Read New Zealand’s Declaration on Open and Transparent Government.

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