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New Cyber Security measures following data breach

Actions to Strengthen Cybersecurity and Protect Critical IT Systems

Recent cyber security intrusions have lead to new security measures being undertaken to protect critical IT systems. 

The US Office of Personnel Management has released Cybersecurity Action Report identifying the actions being undertaken to strengthen cyber security and protect critical IT systems.

The action report follows a cyber security intrusion in June 2015, at the Office of Personnel Management that potentially affected the personnel records of up to 4 million Federal employees.

“Government and non-government entities are under constant attack by evolving, advanced, and persistent threats and criminal actors. These adversaries are sophisticated, well-funded, and focused”, the report states. “For that reason, efforts to combat them and improve Federal IT and data security must be constantly improving as well”.

Security measures include:

  • Hiring a new cybersecurity advisor from outside of government
  • Reviewing encryption of databases
  • Completing deployment of two factor authentication
  • Consulting with outside technology and cybersecurity experts
  • Expanding continuous monitoring
  • Migrating to a new IT environment capable of significantly increased security controls
  • Establishing regular employee and contractor training
  • Documenting incident response procedures

“The agency will continue to consult with Congress, the Inspector General, independent experts inside and outside of government, and others to identify further actions to strengthen cyber security and protect its critical IT systems”, the report states.

More information about new actions being undertaken to bolster security.

Read the full report.