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Minneapolis using Big Data Analytics to improve City Operations


Minneapolis is using big data analytics to improve the efficiency and provide insight into the city’s operations.

The City of Minneapolis, Minnasota, is tracking more than 1,250 metrics and key performance indicators to ensure the city is meeting the goals and expectations of its citizens.

“We’re focused on turning data into better decisions,” said Otto Doll, Chief Information Officer, City of Minneapolis. “To do this, we’re relying on analytics that can give us a better view into the city – past, present and future.”

Minneapolis has implemented IBM’s  Intelligent Operations software delivered over the cloud. The software provides a geospatial and graphic visualisation of city data on a map, making it possible to understand thousands of events in the city and how they interact.

“By using analytics that can run advanced “what-if” scenarios built on evidence, we’re taking a lot of the guess work out of running a city,” said Doll.

“We’re also putting the power of analytics into the hands of more city employees and in doing so, delivering high integrity information that will help enhance decision making across the city.”

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