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Public Sector IoE uptake grows 46%

Enterprise IoE adoption forecast to quadruple by 2020


Internet of Things (IoT) will increase to an estimated 5.4 billion connections globally by 2020, according to new research commission by Verizon.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already having a massive impact on business, with organizations already seeing measurable benefits from Internet of Things (IoT) projects, according to the report.

The Internet of Things: State of the Market 2015 report shows a 46% year-over-year growth in the number of public sector IoT connections, and predicts that “by 2025, smart cities capabilities will become a critical consideration for companies deciding where to invest and open facilities, due to their impact on operating costs and talent availability”.

“The real value in IoT comes from integrating multiple connected systems. It’s the data that’s really valuable. When decision-makers have a holistic view of everything from energy use and traffic flows to crime and air pollution, they can make better policy decisions”, the report found.

The report suggests a number of potential IoT applications for the public sector:

  • Smart lighting to cut energy and maintenance costs, and automate repair requests
  • Digital signage, connected CCTV cameras, and fleet management solutions to enable co-ordinate disaster response activities.
  • Sensors to monitor air and water quality, weather and noise data enable automatic issuing of warnings and water usage restrictions
  • Sensors to monitor for dangerous levels of UV and radiation, temperature, gas leaks, flood, and other environmental risks that might need intervention.
  • Smart parking systems to track space utilization and availability

Read the full report: Internet of Things: State of the Market Report 2015.