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EU proposes Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative

 The European Union launches ‘Smart Anything Everywhere’ research initiative.  

The launch of the The Smart Anything Everywhere research initiative has been announced at the France Forum on Digital Technologies in Grenoble.

The initiative will be a European cluster of four networks of regional competence centres, with the aim of facilitating access to latest digital technologies and foster knowledge transfer.

“Smart phones, smart watches or smart TVs are just a few of the new products that are entering our daily lives. The functionalities of more and more objects are increased by digital components hidden inside. For instance, smart offices can turn off the lights when nobody is in the office, or a car can break automatically when it notices an obstacle. As an answer to these new changes, the European Commission has proposed the creation of a ‘Smart Anything Everywhere’ (SAE) Initiative”, said the announcement.

The Smart Anything Everywhere initiative would be a collaboration between researchers, large industries and small and medium sized companies.

With a combined budget of €25million, the initiative will support around 100 experiments in the fields of Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things and Smart Systems Integration.

Information on all the projects taking part in the initiative will be made available at the Smart Anything Everywhere portal.

Access the Smart Anything Everywhere portal.

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