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Digital Inside Out

Creating a digital first Britain

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Local and Central government must become digital inside out to ensure the future digital success of the UK, is the conclusion of new research by Fujitsu.  

The Digital Inside Out report was based on detailed research involving 1,000 UK adults, 1,400 UK employees, and 100 people without home internet access, to “understand people’s use of digital applications and services and their perceptions of them”.

Over half of UK consumers feel that the government could be doing more to drive them towards a digital future, found the report.

Whilst 84% of respondents either always or sometimes use digital services when possible, over a third of respondents still prefer (at times), to talk to a real person, according to the survey.

“While today’s consumers love the speed, simplicity and mobility that digital services provide, they ultimately want those services to be one of a number of options available to them” the report states.

“Sometimes — when they feel that the information they’re sharing is too sensitive, or they feel that the matter is too important — they would still prefer the counsel of another person”.

Other key findings include:

  • 84% of respondents always or sometimes use digital services whenever possible
  • 63% of respondents said they were ‘highly comfortable’ in using digital services
  • 66% think digital is a quicker way to deal with an organisation
  • 62% believe that digital is simpler
  • Over a third of respondents still prefer at times, to talk to a real person
  • Around two-thirds of employees believe that new digital services in the workplace are making their jobs easier to do
  • Over 25% of consumers believe digital excellence makes them more loyal to the company or brand providing it

Read the Digital Inside Out report.