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Digital Technologies key to transforming government

Digital government the pathway to delivering future public services


Digital technologies are “providing unprecedented opportunities for governments, enabling them to radically transform their complex bureaucracies to become more agile, citizen centric and innovative”, according to research by Accenture.

The report draws on a comparative study of digital government services across 10 countries—Brazil, Germany, India, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and the US.

The study identified that “countries that performed well have a strong digital government strategy, and are actively investing in key information and communications technology (ICT) assets and leveraging the power of emerging technologies”.  “However, efficient implementation of digital services does not necessarily lead to a higher citizen satisfaction, there is still work to be done”, the report found.

“This digital wave is transforming the relationship between citizens and governments”, the report found. “There is an opportunity for governments to engage much more deeply with citizens and significantly enhance the quality of service delivery”.

Singapore ranked as leading digital government, followed by Norway, the UAE,  South Korea, Saudi Arabia, the US and the UK.  India, Germany and Brazil were ranked in the bottom three countries studied.

Key recommendations include:

  • Move towards ”digital by default”
  • Promote digital as the preferred access mode for citizens
  • Make significant efforts toward digital inclusion and literacy
  • Establish an open and networked government to ensure transparency, public participation and collaboration
  • Encourage mass adoption by offering a wide range of public services through digital channels
  • develop a digital society where all stakeholders use digital technologies pervasively.

Read the full report.