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Denmarks new eGovernment Strategy 2016-2020

Ambitious targets for public sector digitisation


New eGovernment Strategy projected to save Danish public sector DKK 2-4 billion.

The Danish government has announced that development of its new eGovernment strategy is underway, and is expected be released by end of 2015.

The updated strategy will set new ambitious targets for digitization in the public sector by 2020, which have the potential to save the Danish public sector DKK 2-4 billion (approximately US$300-$600 million).

The new strategy will be a joint collaboration between the Danish Central government, and the regions and municipalities. The updated strategy will be based on the results of Denmark’s current eGovernment Strategy 2011-2015, which saw the majority of citizens and businesses migrate to digital communication with the public sector.

“Expectations of the new strategy are high and many. It should ensure a modern public sector that offers accessible, timely and coherent public service which is cost effective and supports business growth. At the same time the new strategy should help unleash a significant economic potential in the public sector up until to 2020” announced the Agency for Digitistation.

So far, three key goals have been outlined for the new strategy:

1. A productive and efficient public sector
2. Public services that create value for citizens and businesses
3. Public digitization that support business growth

Initiatives already identified include:

  • Automation of public administrative procedures
  • Better user experiences for citizens and businesses
  • A framework for coherent digital public management
  • Management of joint public digitization efforts
  • Digital welfare
  • Data sharing

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