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Denmarks eGovernment Strategy

Denmark introduces mandatory Digital Self-Service

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Releasing its first eGovernment strategy in 2001, Denmark was one of the first countries to adopt eGovernment solutions for the public sector¹ and is ranked by the European Commission as having the most advanced digital public services in Europe².

Denmark’s current eGovernment Strategy 2011-2015 , is a joint collaboration between the Danish central government, and its regions and municipalities .

A key feature of the egovernment strategy is “mandatory digital self-service“, which requires Danish citizens to use digital self-service to access all government services, such as lodging applications, sending and receiving correspondence form government agencies.

Under the strategy, 80% of all communication between Danish citizens and Danish government agencies will be digital by 2015, an initiative that will save the Danish government a projected DKK 900 million (approx US$136million) per year.

Denmark’s eGovernment strategy has three main goals:

  • No more printed forms or letters
  • Digital welfare: use of digital solutions to deliver more modern and effective welfare services
  • Digital solutions: creating a more collaborative public sector

Other initiative includes:

  • Establishing a single source for authoritative core data and creation of a data catalog
  • Mandatory use of public sector solutions by government agencies, to avoid developing parallel systems and promote the reuse of data
  • Automated processing of invoices
  • Use of technology to enable treatment of chronically ill patients in their own homes
  • Clinical workplaces to be fully digitalised
  • Implementation of digital examinations and digital applications byt universities
  • Secure digital signatures on mobiles

Fast facts about Denmark

  • Denmark has a population of 5.6 million, with a high level of ICT maturity³
  • 89 % of the population aged 16-89 has Internet access at home³
  • 81 % of the population aged 16-74 use Internet every day³
  • Denmark ranked first in the 2014 EU Digital Economy and Social Index¹
  • Denmark ranked 4th in the 2012 United Nations World eGovernment rankings, dropping to 16th place in 2014²

Read Denmarks eGovernment strategy 2011-2015.

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