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City of Vincent’s CCTV Strategy


The City of Vincent, West Australia has a five year CCTV strategy that provides a framework for the strategic development and ongoing management of CCTV systems that are owned, leased or operated by the City.

The City of Vincent’s CCTV Strategy 2013-2018 details plans for the expansion of the City’s CCTV network, and increasing requests for more cameras at hotpot locations.

The strategy details the location of the City’s CCTV camera’s, the installation year, priority and approximate annual cost of CCTV installation and monitoring.

The strategy provides also detailed discussion about the use of alternative transmissions technologies, comparing fibre optic cabling, with wireless transmission of CCTV imagery, which might provide useful to other local governments assessing their investment in CCTV technology.

The report finds that “while fibre-optic cabling is the most effective transmission method, financial constraints will continue to require cost/benefit analyses for all future projects. Wireless technology, while it is a less expensive option, can be unreliable where lines of sight cannot be guaranteed. 4G technology uses the mobile telephone network to transmit data, but there is an ongoing cost associated with large packets of data, which needs to be considered”.

The City of Vincent is centrally located in the Perth metropolitan area and covers an area of about 11.3km². Vincent has a population of approximately 31, 549 (2011 Census).

Read City of Vincent’s CCTV Strategy.