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City of Nice Connected Bouvard

The City of Nice, France has launched “Connected Boulevard”, an ambitious proof-of-concept that aims to demonstrate how the Internet of Everything, can transform Nice into a smart city.

The project is a partnership between the City of Nice and Cisco, and involved the deployment of 200 wireless devices and sensors along Boulevard Victor Hugo. The project aims to demonstrate the value of Internet of Everything technologies across four of the City key services: smart traffic, smart lighting, smart waste management and environmental monitoring.

Connected Boulevard demonstrates how Internet of Everything technologies can be used to provide real-time information on public transport, bike or car-sharing options, and parking space availability which Cisco estimates can reduce traffic congestion in central Nice by 30 percent and improve air quality by 25 percent.

Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, said, “For Nice to continue welcoming millions more visitors and companies while ensuring a high quality of life, using Internet intelligence is key. Many more things are going to get connected between people, with and between objects, creating valuable interactions and processes including that of public administration. Our ability as a city to harness this data is crucial to understanding what’s going on in real-time and to enhance a multitude of services for city-dwellers.”

Connected Boulevard’s initiative’s include the implementation of an intelligent outdoor lighting system, which is projected to result in a 20 percent minimum power saving by automatically adjusting light intensity based on changing weather and traffic conditions, according to Cisco.  Sensor networks can also provide real-time information about rubbish levels in waste bins, allowing waste collection routes can be optimized, saving resources and improving overall services.

Sensors networks will allow the city to more accurately track air and noise pollution, humidity and temperature.

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