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Barcelona Deploys Big Data Solution

Big data and business integlligence provide real-time insight into city operations


Barcelona has implemented a business intelligence solution that provides near real-time insight into its city operations. 

The City of Barcelona, Spain wanted better insight into government effectiveness, and needed a system to be able to store and analyze Big Data to understand the needs of citizens and businesses.

Built in a hybrid cloud, the system is based on Windows Azure, Windows Azure HDInsight Service, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and Microsoft Excel 2010. The system collects and analyze sdata from its systems and new public sources such as social media, software log files, and GPS signals.

Still in its pilot phase, the solution provides near-real-time insight into structured and unstructured data, and BI access using any Internet-connected device that can enhance services and business opportunities, improve safety, and boost collaboration between Barcelona, its citizens, and businesses.

“We can collect, analyze, and generate near-realtime BI with Big Data collected from social media feeds, GPS signals, and data from government systems.” Lluis Sanz Marco, Director of Information, City of Barecelona. “We can use Windows Azure and SQL Server 2012 to evaluate city processes and make them more efficient. We can also scrutinize the resiliency of our city in responding to unpredictable situations.”

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Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and has 1.6 million residents.

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