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Building an Open Data Roadmap

Open data key to the digital transformation of government

Open data is key to the digital transformation of government, finds new report.

Released by the Open Data Institute, the Open Data Roadmap sets out steps the UK government can take to harness the benefits of open data for improved policy making and social, environmental and economic benefit.

The roadmap identified open data as “key to the digital transformation of government”, and suggests open data will be critical to solving 21st century challenges such as preparing cities for exploding population growth, making public services more efficient and adjusting services to an unpredictable climate.

The UK has been ranked number one globally for its open data initiatives for the last two years, according to the Open Data Baromoter.

The Roadmap suggests the three key steps:

  • Continue to build a coherent open data strategy
  • Open up more data with social, environmental and economic benefits
  • Support even more reuse of data

The Open Data Institute is an independent, non-profit organisation, based in London that promotes open data as a means to create economic, environmental, and social value. The Institute was founded by Sirs Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Shadbolt.

Read the Open Data Roadmap for the UK.

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