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Brussels Smart City Strategy

Brussels smart city
The Brussels Smart City Strategy aims for Brussels to become a leading European smart city, like Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen and Vienna.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and has a population of around 1.2million.

The Brussels Smart City Strategy 2014-2019 sets out four challenges: to become a connected, sustainable, open and safe region.

One of the innovative initiatives detailed in the strategy, is the creation of  a private community cloud, which would be shared by all the public services agencies in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The Brussels private community cloud would be built within the Regional Data Centre, which received funding in 2013, to enable consolidation of multiple data centres across the Brussels region.

The Strategy identifies seven cornerstones for a smart Brussels Region:

  • Integration of data and services
  • Development of a generic model for speciality applications
  • Establishment of a shared CCTV platform
  • Develop the Regional Data Centre
  • Sixth State reform at IT level
  • Development of a regional digital map
  • Devlopment of IRISnet, the lightning-fast telecom network

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