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Brussels regional CCTV platform

regional CCTV platform
The Brussels-West police zone has become the first agency to go live on a new regional CCTV platform.

The Brussels regional CCTV platform is a Brussels Smart City initiative, that aims to improve how CCTV images are used, enabling the sharing of images between government agencies, and reduce the overall cost of CCTV for public authorities.

CCTV images from 40 video cameras deployed around the Brussels-West region are now relayed onto the regional CCTV platform.

The new image sharing platform enables allow police to see what is happening on the ground,  enables the Brussels public transport company able to better monitor public transport networks and Brussels Mobility to monitor traffic hotspots.

“Implementing this overall CCTV project gives the Region a valuable tool to improve the coordination of actions on the ground, follow up incidents in real time and prevent and combat delinquency and terrorism”, stated the announcement.

Over 3500 public CCTV cameras are installed in the Brussels-Capital Region, and are currently managed by different public authorities.

The Brussels government aims to integrate 2,900 video-protection cameras in the Brussels-Capital Region by 2018.

The Brussels regional CCTV platform is a key initiative of the Brussels Smart City Strategy.

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