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Big Data helps Durham, North Carolina Police halve crime

Analytics enabling smarter allocation of police resources


Durham, North Carolina’s Police Department is using big data analytics to radically reduce inner city violent crime.

The City of Durham has developed an intelligent database based on historical data that enables patterns of crime to be identified, and relationships across people, places and other entities to be visualized.

The system uses criminal network analysis and call detail records to pinpoint suspect records during a crime.

The amount of violent crime recorded within in a two square mile region of the city has reduced by more than 50 percent from 2007-2011, and has enabled smarter allocation of police resources across the city, according to the case study.

“Better intelligence helps Durham police department direct its policing resources where they have the greatest impact, making the most of a tight budget. More focused police action targets crime at its source, reducing repeat crimes and making the streets safer for citizens”, states the case study.

The system uses IBM analytics technology.

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