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Barcelona’s central view of municipal operations

Technology improving the efficiency of parks and beach management

The Barcelona Metropolitan Area has implemented a centralised platform to provide an overview of its municipal operations.

Barcelona is using IBM’s Intelligent Operations Centre to connect multiple city agencies and underlying support groups, using a shared services business model delivered via a cloud platform.

The system improves the efficiency of its municipal operations, including public spaces, parks and beach management, as well as improving including traffic flow, waste collection, policing and municipal management.

The system is expected to strengthen communications and collaboration amongst departments, whilst delivering cost savings of up to 10 percent per annum, including up to 6 percent savings in maintenance.

About Barcelona Metropolitan Area

  • The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) is the public administration of the metropolitan area of Barcelona
  • The AMB comprises the city of Barcelona and 35 adjacent municipalities around the city
  • Has combined population of 3.2 million, and is approximately 636km² in size
  • Features 34 parks, and 33km of beaches
  • Manages a fleet of 1735 buses, and a 103km metro train network

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