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Barcelona Smart City Initiatives


Learn how Barcelona is harnessing information and communications technology to implement it’s Barcelona Smart City program.

Barcelona is saving $58 million annually using smart water technology, and parking revenues have increased $50 million annually through smart parking technology, according to a report by Cisco.

The case study details how technology is transforming Barcelona into a Smart City, including:

  • remotely control street-level lighting, and transitioning of streets and lampposts to LED technology
  • Deploying smart meters to improve energy efficiency
  • Implementation of remote irrigation for the city’s green spaces and remote controlled fountains

The Barcelona Smart City model identifies 12 areas under which Smart City projects are initiated: environmental, ICT, mobility, water, energy, waste, nature, built domain, public space, open government, information flows, and services.

Currently, the Barcelona has 22 major smart city programs and 83 separate projects that fit into one or more of these 12 areas. Smart City projects include smart lighting, smart parking, smart water management, and smart waste management.


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