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Barcelona adopts Internet of Everything

Reduced costs, streamlined city operations and improved livability


As one of the world’s leading smart and connected cities, Barcelona is using Internet of Everything solutions to save money, generate new business opportunities and improve the life of its citizens.

Barcelona, Spain is reaping the benefits of Internet of Everything solutions to streamline city operations, reduce costs and improved economic, environmental and social sustainability.

In-ground parking sensors are radically reducing inner city traffic by enabling people to more rapidly find a parking space. With projections that up to 40% of all inner city traffic is created by people looking for parking, the in-ground parking sensors have resulted in less cars and less traffic in the Barcelona city centre, according to the case study.

Learn how Barcelona, Spain is using Internet of Things:

  • City-wide sensor networks monitor traffic and people flow, and noise, pollution and weather conditions
  • In-ground parking sensors have resulted in less cars and less traffic
  • Smart bus stops provide real-time information about bus routes and times, and places of interest in the local area
  • Video and collaboration technologies to allow citizens to virtually interact with city hall without having to travel to local offices
  • WiFi is available on all public transport, including underground trains