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Australia ranks 5th in Open Data rankings


Australia has ranked 5th place in the 2014 Global Open Data Index, up from 9th place in 2013. 

Result of the 2014 Open Data Index showed that “whilst there has been some progress, most governments are still not providing key information in an accessible form to their citizens and businesses.”

Published by Open Knowledge, the Index ranks countries based on the availability and accessibility of information in ten key areas, including government spending, election results, transport timetables, and pollution levels.

The UK topped the rankings, closely followed by Denmark, and France in 3rd place, up from 12th place in 2013 . Finland came 4th, and Australia and New Zealand share equal 5th place.

The report found that “even amongst the leaders on open government data there is still room for improvement: the US and Germany, for example, do not provide a consolidated, open register of corporations”. There was also a disappointing degree of openness around the details of government spending with most countries either failing to provide information at all or limiting the information available – only two countries out of 97 (the UK and Greece) got full marks”, the report added.

Rufus Pollock, Founder and President of Open Knowledge said, “for the true benefits of open data to be realised, governments must do more than simply put a few spreadsheets online. The information should be easily found and understood, and should be able to be freely used, reused and shared by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose.’

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