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Australia announces Open Data study

Study to assess the economic value of government open data

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The Australian government has embarked on the first study of Australian companies that use open government data.

The Australian Open Data 500 project is a joint initiative between the GovLab, a team of researchers at New York University, and the Australian Government Department of Communications.

The initiative is the first comprehensive study of Australian companies and NGOs that use open government data to generate new business, develop new products and services or create social value.

The landmark study aims to identify how companies are using government open data, the benefits this provides to their business, and how government data can be made more useful.

The project will provide a basis for assessing the economic value of government open data, and aims to encourage the development of new open data companies.

The initiative is being undertaken as part of the Australian Governments is commitment open data. The Australian government has committed to making more government data, particularly high-value data, openly available to the public and business. The key goal of the policy is to enable Australians to use and re-use the data in innovative ways that stimulate economic growth.

Companies and non-government organisations that access and use Australian government open data are encouraged to participate in the study.

The United States and Mexico are also undertaking their own Open Data 500 studies.

More information is available at the Open Data 500 Australia website.