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Assessing the impact of Public Sector Digital Transformation

Digital transformation of the public sector will require fundamental reforms


Digital transformation requires significant cultural and operational changes to enable technology to be applied effectively, finds a report released by IBM.

Towards 2025: Delivering Public Sector Digital Transformation in Australia suggests that digital transformation of the public sector must be accompanied by fundamental reforms.

“Government organisations will need to embrace new ways of working and interacting with citizens, move to flatter organisational structures to become more responsive and flexible, and adopt more collaborative ways of shaping and delivering services” the report adds.

The report suggests that digital transformation might require fundamental reforms in three broad areas:

  • Business models in the public sector may need to radically change because citizens expect greater flexibility, immediacy and transparency
  • The public sector’s capabilities could be seriously challenged, because digital technologies require very different ways of thinking, working and interaction
  • Embracing a more comprehensive approach to data could be needed due to new technologies such as social media, unstructured data, big data and analytics

Read the report: Towards 2025: Delivering Public Sector Digital Transformation in Australia.