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New York Citys Digital Roadmap

Achieving New York City’s Digital Future

In 2011, Mayor Bloomberg announced New York City’s first Digital Roadmap, with a vision to make New York the worlds leading city.

“We want New York City to be the nation’s premier digital City – in how local government interacts with New Yorkers, in how New Yorkers have access to and capitalize on new technologies, and in how our tech and digital media sectors evolve, grow businesses and create jobs, announced Mayor Bloomberg. The Road Map for the Digital City will help us get there.”

Less than three years later, with all of 40 initiatives completed, New York City released the Digital Leadership: 2013 Roadmap.

The 2013 Roadmap highlights the digital achievements the City has made to date, whilst detailing new initiaves such as the deployment of more Wi-Fi hotspots, investment in sensors, ongoing digital education programmes for adults, updates to the City’s 311 API, and launch of a personaliszed online dashboard of City services.

“Investing in digital development is critical to the future of New York City, and the new opportunities presented in the Roadmap will help us to build on progress to date and raise the bar even higher. We are grateful for Mayor Bloomberg’s leadership and visions, and to the thousands of individuals across New York City’s technology community and government who made it possible to achieve the 40 Roadmap initiatives and establish our City as a platform for innovation,” said Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot.

Key achievements  of the 2011 Digital Roadmap included:

  • Enabling 300,000 low-income residents to access the Internet
  • Over 40 digital learning programs launched, serving over one million New Yorkers
  • Expanding the NYC OpenData platform from 350 to over 2,000 public data sets
  • Relaunching of the innovative website
  • Tripling the City of New York’s social media audience,
  • Growing New York City’s technology sector to over 1,000 Made in NY technology companies.

“New York City’s position as a leading digital city has been strengthened over the past few years with the successful implementation of the initiatives laid out in the Digital Roadmap,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “It’s vital to our City’s economy that we support and promote technology and help New Yorkers gain access to higher learning opportunities and jobs in this growing sector.”

Each year, New York City connects with over 25 million people through more than 200 social media channels.  The city’s website, attracts 33 million visitors a year, and consolidates more than 500,000 pages of municipal information. New York boasts one of the most advanced municipal Open Data initiatives in the world, offering over 350 government data sets.  The 311 API provides open access to thousands of NYC government services and facilities, as part of an initiative to improve access to, transparency, and accountability of New York City government.

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